Kamnik & surroundings

Kamnik & surroundings

A medieval town in the heart of the highlands

The medieval town Kamnik, is clearly a place of interest. You can walk its alleys and get to know its cultural herritage. Above the town hill, there rises a two-floored chapel with a crypt, called Mali grad, with an excellent view on the red rooftops of the town and to the Kamnik Alps mountain range.  
Stop at the Franciscan monastery and the Church of St. Jacob, where the Chapel of God's Grave and the Franciscan library, built by the plans of the architect Jože Plečnik, are especially fascinating.
According to most visitors, the prettiest street in the town is Šutna. From the memorial tablets you can see, how many renowned people lived here. Today it is closed for traffic, so you can stroll throgh it and admire the buildings; the secessional building with the drugstore; the birhthouse of Rudolf Maister, the Church of Mary Immaculate, the first private museum in Slovenia, the Sadnikar's Museum.

Town museum, cafes, summer events...

Take a walk to the renaissance mansion in Zaprice, which houses the Intermunicipal museum of Kamnik. Here you can find out more about the historic background of this medieval town. In the outdoor part you can walk through an ethnological park with granaries from Tuhinjska Valley.
Take your time and linger in one of the town cafes and coffehouses where you can feel the pulse of the town.
You will be especially welcome to this heart of the highlands in the time of events, when the town is the most vibrant.

Do not miss:

• Medieval Days (2. weekend in June),
• Kamfest (7. avgust till 21. avgust),
• National Costume Days ( 9.9 - 11.9), an outdoor skating ring...

Or you can take a guided tour of the town Kamnik and all its sight.

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