On a somewhat thinner air, than in cities, you will breathe more easily, if you try out some of the sports that we offer here at King's Hill. Futsal, badminton or field hockey are just a perfect choice for your recreational spending time. You can also try table tennis, manual football or walking on stilts. When was the last time you played the game of Tug of War? Have you ever even been on a Russian bowling alley before? What about on a giant swing? We guarantee the enjoyment of your children on a real »hill« playground.

Do not forget the numerous mountain bike trails and hiking passes to the surrounding hills and more than two thousand meters high mountains.

Of course, here at King's Hill our number one activity is still always attractive and adrenaline full paintball.


In variety of sports to choose from in direct vicinity of King's Hill, keep in mind that you are located at the foot of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, where 2000 meter high mountains are gazing at you and they can be also easily reached. Numerous hiking trails allow you to reach the highest peak of Grintovec or take a walk to Kamniško and Kokrško sedlo, etc.  Have you ever looked down the 35 meter deep canyon in the gorge Predaselj or enjoyed the view on waterfall Orgljice?

Do not forget that there are numerous cycle routes around here for beginners, as well as for those more experienced.


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