The Games We Play

You may be wondering, how do we "play paintball"? Is it more than just a bunch of high-testosterone, middle-aged men in camo running around playing "War"? Yes, much, much more. Thankfully.

There are many "flavors" of paintball that players enjoy, and we're no different. Below is just a handful of game scenarios that we play at Legacy Field. After all, we need to leave a few "tricks in our bag"!



Perhaps the most popular game choice among recreational paintball players, Capture the Flag is simple to play but offers teams the opportunity to implore several forms of possible strategies. In short, two opposing teams will start on opposite ends of the playing field at their “home base”. Upon commencement of the game, the objective for each team is to navigate to the opposing team’s “home base”, capture their enemy’s flag, and return it to their starting location without being eliminated in the process. First team to accomplish this wins!



Very similar to “Capture the Flag” with one major difference: there’s only one flag instead of two. A single flag will be placed at the very center of the playing field. The teams will start at opposing sides of the playing field, with the flag marking the halfway point. Upon commencement of the game, the objective for each team is to successfully capture the flag and advance it to the opposing team’s starting location. First team to accomplish this wins! A variation to this involves the flag being returned to their own starting location upon capture instead.



Also known as “Last Man Standing”, Elimination has a simple objective: completely eliminate the other team. Two teams will begin the game at their respective starting locations. Upon commencement of the game, the objective for each team (and individual player) is to seek out and eliminate opposing players. The first team to be completely eliminated loses!



The ultimate game of survival, Fox and the Hound pits a large number of players (the “Hounds”) against a handful of heavy armed players (the “Foxes”). The objective is for the “Hounds” to eliminate the entire team of “Foxes” and vice versa. The ratio of “Hounds” to “Foxes” is normally around 3:1. The “Hounds” are can be handicapped in several ways, but the most common is to only allow a limited amount of ammunition and no hoppers (single loading). The “Foxes” are normally given unlimited ammunition with any available firing mode. First group to be eliminated wins!

Or with your own scenario...

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