At the King’s Hill we have the latest Paintball equipment which assures you a safe and above all an adrenaline playing of Paintball.
Group of games (the length of one game is 15-20 minutes) is organized in 2.5 hours in the morning or the afternoon, at the request of the participants also longer (depending on the availability of dates).

For the game of Paintball at least six individuals must apply.

You will be guided by a qualified judge throughout the whole game, who will give all the necessary instructions for the safest and most adrenaline experience.


maskirna oblekaCamouflage suit & body protection:
We have one-piece camouflage suits in different sizes at our disposal. Suitable shoes (hiking boots, ankle boots, etc.) are in your domain.


zascitna maskaProtective mask:
JT ELITE RADAR THERMAL is one of the most recent acquisition in the JT family, as far as safety and security go. The mask has a double glass, which prevents drizzle. It also has two adjustable straps, allowing full customization of your head, which doesn’t disturb you during the game.


markerSemi-automatic marker:
INFERNO MK2 is accurate, lightweight, reliable and easy to use.


The balls are completely non-toxic and safe for both humans as well as animals and nature. They are stuffed with a special gelatinous substance separated from natural ingredients. The shell of the ball is from creditable biodegradable substances that completely fall apart after rain.

Viewloader VL200 is a container for the balls, which can shake up to 200 balls.

potisni plinPropellant:
The cylinder is intended for marker use. Markers use CO2 gas or air for propellant. With such a cylinder, you can fire up to 800 balls.

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